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Title: For Love is Strong as Death 

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Pairings: TFW. Sam/Gabe, eventual Dean/Cas slash.

Genre: A strange cross between humour and angst.

Word Count: ~ 50,000

Summary: Four months after the apocalypse that wasn’t, Sam, Castiel and Gabriel are brought back to life at the same time and place, leaving Sam to deal with two suddenly human angels and the fact that he can never see his brother again...



Vid: Demon!Dean/Castiel 'Light Em Up'

Title: Light Em Up

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Demon!Dean/Fallen!Castiel, as well as Evil!Team Free Will

Warnings: Evil Winchesters, dub-con.

Summary: When Castiel is exiled from Heaven for failing to save the Winchesters, he crosses paths with those very same demons.

Vid: Spike/Xander 'Not My Weekend'

Title: 'Not My Weekend'

Rating: G

Characters/Pairing: Spike/Xander

Genre: Slash

Summary: Spike is the guy who gave stalkers their bad name.

A/N: Wow, Buffy fandom, blast from the past! But yeah, I decided to remake one of my first ever vids, same pairing and song. I wanted to measure my improvement in terms of quality, editing and storytelling. Think it was a success.

Vid: TFW 'On Top of the World'

Title: 'On Top of the World'

Rating: G

Characters/Pairing: TFW

Genre: Humour

Summary: Here be utter silliness.

A/N: So I decided to do a TFW vid concentrating solely on seasons 6-8, since I usually neglect them. It's been great discovering all the fun clips I've been missing out on. The ridiculousness of them is lovely. =)

Vid: Dean/Cas 'Take My Whole Life Too'

Title: 'Take My Whole Life Too'

Rating: G

Characters/Pairing: Dean/Cas

Genre: Romance

Summary: Castiel was lost from the moment he first laid a hand on Dean in Hell.

A/N: So I'm actually trying my hand at a romance vid for once (as opposed to my usual crack and/or demon themed vids). I know this song has been done, probably a couple of times, but I just had to use it too, it broke my heart.

Title: 'Never Ever Getting Back Together'

Rating: G

Characters/Pairing: Dean/Cas

Genre: Humour

Summary: Dean and Cas are never, ever getting back together. Ever. (Except that they're lying liars who lie.)

A/N: One day I will make a serious vid. Today is not that day.

Vid: 'Drive By'

Title: 'Drive By'

Rating: G

Characters/Pairing: Dean/Cas

Genre: Humour

Summary: In which Dean is king of the Big Gay Freakout and Cas is a glutton for punishment. Well. Right up until he isn't...

Vid: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)'

Title: 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)'

Rating: G

Characters/Pairing: TFW.

Genre: Gen.

Summary: They're saying 'I love you' in code. Honest.